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LunaKidz are a record label, established by two of the hottest music producers in Britain. Michael ‘Dr. Moo’ Okoigun and David ‘Santa Fé’ Howells set up the label, after noticing a gap in the UK urban music market. They concentrate on signing underground, undiscovered UK talent and work primarily in the hip-hop, R&B and dance genre. Michael, David and their star protege, rapper, sat down with me at LunaKidz studios in south west London to discuss their footballing views and their plans for the future in the music industry.’s single Living My Life has been storming through the U.K. underground and has been getting some hot feedback from the public. “The reaction, so far, has been better than what we imagined“, said Fé. The artist himself has the same belief has his producers. “The reaction has been cool. It ties in with every age bracket and with more publicity, it could blow“, says

The label are working on an album release for their protege. “Take Off” is the mixtape release from, which will be released next month. “The cover has just been released, so you will have to wait. It’s the beginning of everything“, proclaims, with the swagger and confidence that oozes out of his North London roots and that can be heard on his songs.

They still look out for the other artists that are coming through the U.K hip hop and rap scene at the minute. Dr. Moo said, “The hip hop scene is getting more recognition now and I think a few artists are going to break through soon. I just hope that the commercial success of N-Dubz doesn’t change the grime scene and what the grime scene actually is all about“.

(rapper, one of the hottest prospects from Lunakidz)

Once we had got the musical aspect of the label sorted, it was time to get down to their football preferences. Once we got them going, it was difficult to stop. The main focal of LunaKidz is to get recognition for their big hope, the rapper Pronounced eagle, this young man from North London is a huge fan of Nigerian football and a big supporter of North London’s own, Arsenal. It hasn’t been the best of summers on the football field for with his Super Eagles failing to progress from the group stages. “Nigeria done alright, they could have done better, but as you know, football is a unpredictable game, despite people’s attempts to predict the outcomes”, he quoted. The hot topic at the minute within Nigerian football is the ban that Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan attempted to impose on the team. FIFA and the Nigerian public managed to convince the president to overturn the ban and backed up their views. “I consider that as being silly”, he says. “I reckon they are just frustrated at the performances”.

With the World Cup over, can concentrate his focus on his North London club and the team he loves. As we know, confidence isn’t an issue with the followers of London teams and isn’t any different. “I rate Arsenal’s chances highly, what do you expect? I’m a Gooner, so I am always gonna hope for the best and the top spot!“, he says, confidently grinning and showing his evident belief in Arsenal’s footballing style and grace that they show week in, week out.

The only worry he faces is whether the Gunners can keep inspirational captain Cesc Fabregas from travelling back to his Catalan roots with Barcelona. “I’ll be real with you“, proclaims, “I believe everyone wants to be successful. Arsenal are not cutting it at all. Cesc joined at a young age when the club was progressing nicely, was gradually made captain and hasn’t won anything. That has got to be a frustrating feeling“. The Nigerian does not want his club’s captain to move, but can understand the reasons why Fabregas may want to go. “If he believes that going to Barca will fulfil a percentage of his football career and guarantee him immediate success, then I have nothing against him. We will lose a great player, but it’s up to Wenger to bring in experience and age to replace Cesc“. is as dedicated as any other Arsenal fan and no matter if Cesc stays or goes, you can guarantee he’ll be singing from the Emirates terraces at his Gooners. is not alone as an Arsenal fan in the label. Producer David ‘Santa Fe’ Howells also follows the side, as well as being a proud Mexican as the nickname denotes. Fé, as he’s affectionally known within the group, grew up in London with a love of music and sport, which has stayed with him as he has rose to the set-up and production of his own music label. He took particular interest in the World Cup this summer, with his Mexican roots coming through as he cheered on the Aztecas through to the second round. “Mexico did well. There is a lot of teams that go out with a ‘park the bus’ attitude , rather than going to win the game. Mexico definitely went out there to win. I like the style of football we are playing“, said Fé. He was also impressed with Giovani dos Santos, the ex-Tottenham player. “I thought Gio had a great tournament. He has bags of potential“. FIFA evidently agree with Fé’s’ views, as they have put him up for Young Player of the Tournament alongside Germany’s Thomas Muller and Ghana’s Andre Ayew.

The other bright, young Mexican at the tournament was new Manchester United purchase Javier Hernandez. Fe isn’t too bothered about Arsenal’s rivals picking up one of his country’s stars. “The more Mexicans that play in the Premiership, the better. I’m sure United will work wonders with him“, Fé says, “It is a shame that Wenger didn’t pick him up. He is definitely going to be one to watch this season“.

The hot producer shares the same confidence and belief in Arsenal, just like his artist. “As a supporter, you have to be positive. Wenger performs nothing short of a miracle with the players he has brought in on such a tight budget“. However, Santa Fé believes that the directors at the Emirates stadium need to loosen the purse strings a little bit for Arsenal to be successful. “The Premiership is not about who can save the most money. I know we have bought Chamakh and Koscielny, so with a couple more signings, things could get really interesting“. Fé is still waiting for some players to step up and if they do, he rates the chances very high.

Co-producer Michael ‘Dr. Moo’ Okoigun then wanted his chance to talk about Manchester United and his homeland of Nigeria and the form of his Super Eagles at the World Cup. ‘Moodini’ was a gifted sportsman and student at school, but his love for music influenced his career choice and now, he’s part of a successful music label with fellow producer Santa Fé. Michael’s first view was on the current crop of Nigerian individuals “We have plenty of talented individuals, but I do not think they have enough focus when it comes to pulling on the Nigerian shirt“, says Fé’s fellow producer. Just like, he shares a view on Goodluck Jonathan’s attempted ban on Nigerian football. “The idea of the ban is a good one, but I do not think it would be effective. It would not hurt the players as much as it would hurt the people around the football setup“, says Dr. Moo, “The Nigerian internationals would carry on earning money at their clubs, whilst the officials and the workers behind the scenes would go without pay“.

With the World cup hopes of Nigeria banished to the back burner for four more years, Dr. Moo can move on to the Premiership and his following of the Red Devils. “Yes, we can regain the title this year, but it will be very tough“, Dr. Moo told me. “We need our stars to be on top form. Rooney’s performance at the World Cup won’t cut it in the Premiership this season“. He also, like most Man United fans, shares a view on the form of Dimitar Berbatov. “He seems lazy, but I think he is one of the most technically gifted players in the league. So far, he hasn’t found his true form at Man United, but we have seen glimpses of it“. Dr. Moo also believes he has more to prove. “He can definitely step up his performances and he has plenty to prove. With doubts about the form of Wayne, he really does need to step up to the plate“.

At the moment, is on a schools tour and is moving onto a university tour in September. Coming up in recent times for the label is the release of the single ft. called “Speak My Mind“. That will be released in September and the video is out now on Youtube. These lads should go along way. With lots of anticipation about what they can do in the future and positive reaction and feedback to what they have done so far, LunaKidz have a bright future. Look out for this lot storming through the UK with their upbeat nature and their dedication to work and making things happen.

To check out the label and the artists, head on down to:


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